My name is Ayaka YAMADA I am a shoes and product designer

based out of  Brooklyn, NY

originally from Tokyo, JAPAN. 

Please take a look and I hope enjoy my products!


AYAKAbi is a shoe label that is inspired by the concept,

 "Dear: Gentle Woman & Man"

Each Product is done by  well-experienced craft men

in Northamptonshire, England.

Northamptonshire remains the shoe-making  capital of the world.


The Goodyear welt process is the traditional method

for manufacturing men's dress shoes.


Also, I used "Cork" for the inside of the shoes.

It contributes to the light-weight and good fit feeling of the shoes.


The best features of those shoes are:

1: Feather-light

2: Outstanding comfort

3:  Unisex and appropriate for all ages


Each part, including  "Shoe last", "Pattern cutting" and "Upper design",

is chosen from my 8 years experience as an expert in

Dance Shoes Design and Development  in Japan.




THE TALE is a Jewelry label.

History has been made by people and will be made by whom? By us.

I designed my Jewelry to deliver a message,

"People have changed the world. I hope my Jewelry help remind of

human creativity and courage.

I believe we all want to wear

something meaningful, not just any accessory.